Individual Coaching

Change is omnipresent, but not always easy to live through. Whether it regards personal or professional challenges or goals, an individual coaching will help you clarify your thoughts and emotions, discover what holds you back and what strengthens you. In a structured process we look at your individual topics, the embedding system and find solutions that are in sync with who you are. In this process I am your tour guide and lead you with analytical understanding, empathy and a large toolbox towards personal growth. Together we create a new perspective that enables you to reach your goals.

In a pre-consultation we talk about your development goals and get to know each other to determine if we both see a good base to work together. Please contact me for your free consultation at, +49 171 7701402 / +49 40 483778

Trainings and Workshops

Your team members will expand their knowledge and individual skills and gain new perspectives and deeper insight. Content, form and frame of your trainings and workshops will be individually designed to fit your companies specific topics and values.

Effective Communication

  • Communicating  clearly and appreciatively
  • Conflict management.
  • Authentic leadership
  • Feedback culture


Strengthening the capacities of your team members to deal with challenges and periods of high workload.

Lowering stress and expanding effectiveness. Opening new perspectives for  pro-active, solution orientated composure.

Executive Training

Expanding leadership skills to fulfill successfully the large variety of roles requested in synchronicity with your personality and values. Communicating skillfully and strengthening your ability to identify next steps and lead your team to success.

Values & Identity

What is the core identity of your product, company or branch? What is the USP that sets you apart in the market? How aware are employees and customers of the brand identity?

Defining the values of your brand as a guideline to all subsequent strategies and activities. Developing and aligning communication with your brand values for a strong coherent image, internally and externally.


Being self-assured, authentic, engaged yet relaxed  in meetings, assemblies and presentations is a matter of training and adapting a personal style. Discover what already lies within you and bring it to the room.

Company Culture

How is communication structured within your enterprise, team or group? What tonality, manors and rituals define the atmosphere of the work space?  What knowledge and skills are present in your company? To what extend presents the company opportunities for personal and career development to the employees? What strengthens your staff’s commitment? How do you bring all potential to flourish?

Living and working in the United States for over a decade, as well as in the Netherlands and in Spain, as well as leading teams in 7 European countries as marketing director for a US company, I was thrilled to understand the challenges and opportunities of working with international teams and people from a variety of cultures. Today my leadership experience and my passion for people flows into my coaching and training expertise. Every process is different and each journey is carried by a structure, yet a complete openness.

You are the expert for your topics, I am the expert for the process, guiding you step by step to find your solutions.

  • Certified systemic Coach, Change Process Guide, Trainer, Communication Consultant
  • Seminar leader at the State Institute for School Development and Teacher Training, Hamburg
  • Development of Educational Programs, Lothar & Ingrid Hemshorn Foundation
  • Marketing Director Europe, Electra Bicycle Company, International Communication, Brand Development, Team Development
  • CEO OM Promotions, Luxury Events, Concept, Management, Public Relations, Spain
  • CEO Artist Management, Representation for Photographers and Stylists, Career Development, Booking Management, Miami, USA
  • Key Account Manager Germany , Next Model Management, New York / Miami, USA
  • Law Studies, University Hamburg

For more information or to schedule a meeting please contact:


Phone: +49 40 483778 

Mobile: +49 171 7701402